QatQi now has Power Tiles!

QatQi 1.1 Now Available

We’re excited to announce that QatQi 1.1 went live on Friday, November 15th 2013.  This version brings some great additions to the game.  Download or update it now!

Power Tiles

We are most excited about Power Tiles.  We had considered adding blank tiles (like Scrabble), but decided that blanks are too boring.  Instead, we have Power Tiles.  Like blanks, Power Tiles can be used for any letter.  However, they are much better.  Here’s why:

  • Power Tiles automatically figure out how to give you the highest score possible.  You’ll learn new words as the Power Tile makes high scoring words you didn’t even know existed.
  • Power Tiles automically change after being played.  So if you play *I, the power tile will change to a Q to make QI.  However, if you then add a TS to make *ITS, the power tile changes to a Z to make ZITS.
  • Power Tiles will change to different letters in horizontal and vertical – so if the power tile is better as a Q vertically and a Z horizontally, that’s what it will use.

Because Power Tiles are so, well, powerful, we limit their usage:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday level puzzles cannot use any power tiles.
  • Thursday and Friday can use one each.
  • Saturday can use two.
  • Sunday can use three.

QatQi gives out free power tiles – one per day, up to a maximum of three.  That means if you complete a QatQi puzzle every day you can play completely for free.  If you want more freedom in your QatQi schedule, then you can purchase more power tiles.  But everyone is limited to the same number per puzzle, so you can’t “pay to win.”

We have played a lot of games using Power Tiles.  At first we thought it might affect scores too much.  However, I still can’t beat the top QatQi players, even when using Power Tiles.  But it adds a new element of strategy, and it takes away some of the frustration of trying to get through the long corridors on the harder puzzles.

Word Definitions

You can now tap on any completed word to get its definition.  Tap once and a “Define” button will appear next to the beginning of the word.  Tap again to see a definition.  Because some tiles form two words (horizontal and vertical) there are sometimes two Define buttons.  Definitions require a network connection.

Doubler Products

We have added two Doubler products – an Undo Doubler, and a Power Tile Doubler.  This is what each doubler does:

  • Doubles the rate of free product that you get (Undos or Power Tiles)
  • Doubles the amount of product you currently have.  So, if you just spent $9.99 on 10,000 Undos, you can buy the Undo Doubler for $0.99 and get an additional 10,000 right now.
  • Doubles the amount of product you get for all future purchases.  So it’s like a permanent 50% discount.
  • One purchase works across all of your devices – so if you buy the Power Tile Doubler on your iPad, it will also be available on your iPhone.
  • They are as inexpensive as we could make them – only $0.99 in the US.

More Generous with Free Play

We now give out more free Undos, and also give out free Power Tiles.  Free Undos and Power Tiles now accumulate whether QatQi is open or not.  So if you take a break and come back, you’ll have 20 Undos waiting for you.  We will even notify you if you’d like (and you can turn it on or off).  We have made the rate of Undos and Power Tiles such that you can play completely free, as long as you play frequently.

“ZEN” is a Word

This was actually one of our most common requests.  The Official Scrabble Dictionary doesn’t include ZEN, so we didn’t either.  But after consulting with several English professors, we learned that common usage of “zen” has grown quite a bit recently, such that it is acceptable to be used in lower case form.  It will likely be added to the other word game dictionaries, so we’re just ahead of the curve.

A few other words were missing – if you come across any, be sure to send us a quick support email so we can add them.

Stats Page Redesign

QatQi players love their stats!  So we spent some time redesigning the geographical high scores to give more meaningful graphs.

iOS 7 Support

About 80% of all QatQi players are already on iOS 7.  QatQi 1.1 is only supported on iOS 7, because we take advantage of quite a few new features that are available for developers.  QatQi 1.0 will still be available for those of you on older devices.

We hope you enjoy the update!  As always, please send feedback to

The league of NATION

The league of NATION

This week’s word list is all the 13+ letter words containing the root NATION.  NATION is a great starting point, because it can go at the beginning or end of a word.  There are a few real gems in this list,  like RENATIONALISED, which contains all very common letters, and lots of steps along the way to get to this word.

Before you dive into this list, though, we have a favor to ask.  QatQi was nominated for a Best of 2012 award on JayIsGames.  Please take a moment to vote for us here:  Be sure to check the box at the top of the page if you’d like to vote for us as best game of the year overall.

Length Distribution

Word Length Number of words
13 91
14 63
15 41
Total 195


QatQi nominated for best of 2012 on JayIsGames

QatQi has been nominated for best mobile word game of 2012 on JayIsGames. Please vote for us here!

INGL word list


This week’s word list uses words containing the letters INGL. There are several thousand words with this combination, so I narrowed the list down to words greater than twelve letters long.

The INGL combination delivers some great long words. Many of these words have root that are only four or five letters that you can build on. In addition, many of those roots can have multiple possible endings. Some of these words can end with INGLE, INGLY, or INGLESS.

Words longer than twelve letters containing INGL

Length Distribution

Word Length Number of words
14 54
15 26
13 98
Total 178


Happy New Year!

The QatQi New Year started at midnight GMT.  I was especially happy because the huge stream of support emails due to the New Year’s Eve bug abruptly stopped at 7 pm my time.  By next year, the bug will of course be fixed, but maybe we’ll have an annual New Year’s Eve sale to commemorate the event.

I am truly grateful for the QatQi players who had patience with us while we sorted everything out.  We’ve worked very hard to create a great game for you, so it was painful when you couldn’t play the game.

QatQi should be working fine now for everyone.  If you have any residual issues with the game locking, please send us a support email.

Friday Word Lists – We’re taking requests!

I will resume Friday word lists this week – be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you get these.  Past word lists include all of the two letter words, interesting three-letter words, and words ending with LESSNESSES.

Any requests for this week?

— Chris Garrett, QatQi creator

New Year’s Eve bug sale

One commenter suggested that some free undos were in order due to today’s horrible bug.  So I went to the Apple site to drop the price of 1000 undos to free.  Unfortunately this isn’t an option.  Believe me, I would have just preferred to call today a wash and offer them for free.

So I’m doing the next best thing.  I just dropped the price of 10,000 undos from $9.99 to the lowest allowed, $0.99.  I also dropped the price of 100,000 undos 90% to $4.99.

The catch?  You’ll need to set your device’s date to Jan 1, 2013 and buy them today.  Anyone who is willing to change their device’s date to play QatQi deserves a very big discount.

To purchase undos in QatQi, go to any game and tap on the gear menu button on the top left.  There is an option to “Buy Undos”.

– Chris Garrett, QatQi creator

QatQi isn’t working! (For a day)

By Chris Garrett, QatQi creator.

I knew something was terribly wrong this morning when I opened my support inbox and there were 216 unread messages.  Normally there are about five.

A sinking feeling came over me when I read the first few:

“QatQi is locked up!”

“I can’t play any games!”

I grabbed my phone and opened QatQi immediately.  Sure enough, the game is frozen.  This is every developer’s worst nightmare.  I’m probably going to wake up in cold sweats for a few weeks now.

Fortunately there is a silver lining on this very dark cloud.  Apparently QatQi has decided that it needs a vacation, with December 31st as its single day off.  QatQi didn’t feel the need to give any of us notice of its plans, which is why we’re all very frustrated with it.  It turns out that this is a one-day bug.  Tomorrow, Jan 1, 2013, everything will work fine again.  We determined this by setting our devices’ dates to Jan 1, 2013.

If you’re desperate to play, and you don’t mind your device telling you that it’s the new year already, you can change your date to Jan 1 2013, and it will work again. Here’s how you do this:

1) Open the Settings app.
2) Go to General -> Date & Time
3) Turn “Set Automatically” to off.
4) Change your date to Jan 1, 2013.

Tomorrow you can change “Set Automatically” back to On.

After changing the date, QatQi may just work properly, or you may need to restart it with the task switcher. Here’s how to restart the game:

1) Tap once on the home button at the bottom of your device. This takes you to the device’s home screen.
2) Now double tap on the home button to bring up the task switcher. QatQi should be the first icon on the bottom now.
3) Press and hold the QatQi icon until it starts shaking and the delete button appears.
4) Tap the delete button to “kill” the QatQi task. This won’t delete QatQi, just stop it from running.
5) Now launch QatQi again.

Note that any other apps that use the date will be off by a day – calendar, mail, etc. Depending on how you use your device you may be better off just waiting a day.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll resolve the issue for next year’s rollover. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

UPDATE:  We’re offering a big sale on undos if you’re willing to change your date today.

UPDATE 2:  The QatQi calendar is determined by the GMT time zone.  Which means that all of you wonderful Aussies and Kiwis will have to wait a bit before QatQi will work properly.  Also, we will all need to restart QatQi after the new year (following the steps above) in order for the games to unlock.

Have a happy new year!